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The Click & Convert Podcast

Sep 8, 2017

Online consumption of video has seen a rapid growth in the past few years. As mobile becomes the go to device for browsing the web, video becomes the platform’s default content. So moving images are becoming ubiquitous amongst consumers.

As marketers we are always fighting for our audiences attention. Competing in a world crowded with content. Yet blog posts and images litter the web, with many banner ads unseen and much marketing content unread.

So is it time to move to a new medium, video?

Facebook and Google think so, and all the stats on video marketing point to an increased effectiveness from its use.

But video brings its own challenges when it comes to production. Most of these are resolved with the increasing power of devices like the iPhone and a range of apps, many free.

In this episode I’ll take you through some the findings, the challenges we face and the simple solutions that you can use to produce the perfect ad.


Facebook’s Guide to Video Advertising (includes apps)

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Google’s Guide to Advertising on YouTube