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The Click & Convert Podcast

Jun 9, 2017

In this week’s show I interview Rebecca Lieb, author of the newly released book, Content - The Atomic Particle of Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Content Marketing Strategy.

Rebecca is a strategic advisor, research analyst, keynote speaker, author, and columnist. Her areas of specialisation are digital marketing and media, with a concentration in content strategy, content marketing and converged media. She works with many of the world's leading brands on digital marketing innovation.

On the show we look at why a content strategy needs to be part of your organisation. Especially as advertising starts to become less effective. Rebecca also reveals her 10 steps to a solid content strategy.

Rebecca’s book is released on the 3rd June in the UK and in digital in the US, with hard copies available in the US from 28th June.

You can follow Rebecca on Twitter @lieblink or visit her website at