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The Click & Convert Podcast

Apr 2, 2016

Scott Oldford is an online lead generation specialist who helps entrepreneurs grow their business by helping them implement a sustainable source of qualified leads through online marketing funnels.

And he believes you are missing out on 80% of the potential leads available to you, simply because you are not talking to them in the right way.

Scott began his business career aged 7, selling eggs from his grandfather's farm. By 16 he ran a multi-million dollar business, by 21 he'd not only lost it all but racked up in excess of $700,000 in debt, and by 23 he'd recovered to create a new business with $1m in revenue. And he's still only 24 :)

In our brand new podcast, Rob Tyson talks to Scott about:

  • What's a 'marketing funnel' and how do we create one?
  • Why you can't treat all leads the same
  • Scott's SSF formula for lead generation
  • How to use different types of lead magnet to speak to different types of prospect
  • What kind of email series should you use to 'talk' to new prospects?
  • How many emails? How far apart?
  • How often should you try to 'sell'?
  • How much 'content' vs 'selling' should there be?
  • What Scott sees as the big trends in online marketing in the next 2 years