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The Click & Convert Podcast

Jun 30, 2013

In episode 13 of The Small Business Marketing Report look at how you can use YouTube and video as part of your marketing. Video can be a powerful marketing medium and it is not as complicated or expensive to create good video. With a few easy techniques and a bit of know how your business can benefit from the...

Jun 15, 2013

Episode 12 on The Small Business Marketing Report in which Sean and Robert look at one of the longest standing social networks, LinkedIn. The most succesful businsess to business social media channel every small business should be ready to leverage the network.

Sean and Robert provide tips on creating an effective...

Jun 2, 2013

Hard for business to igonre, Facebook is the most popular Social Media network in the wolrd. So how does a small business take advantage of that fact?

In episode 11 of The Small Business Marketing Report Sean & Robert provide some insight that will give your business more of a chance of success...